Community Miracles Center (CMC) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit serving the Course community since 1987. Each year, CMC organizes a conference where approximately 400 students and teachers of A Course in Miracles gather to learn and celebrate this path together. 

The 2020 conference will be held in Los Angeles and features 20 presenters, including Robert and I. To support the CMC and also to connect with and grow our Circle community, we have created a bonus package of gifts you'll receive when you sign up for the Los Angeles event using the links below. (You will also receive these bonus gifts if you register on the CMC's main conference website and select 'Circle of Atonement' in the presenter referral box.) 

Tony and Kelly at CMC always go above and beyond in planning an event that is both informative and a lot of fun. We invite you to view our list of bonus gifts below and we hope to see you in Los Angeles next May. If you have any questions about this offer, please email and we'll be happy to help. 


Emily Bennington Executive Director Circle of Atonement  



Circle of Atonement Bonus Gift Package  

Register for the 2020 Community Miracles Center conference in Los Angeles using one of our presenter links and receive the following bonus gifts:

Community Miracles Center Conference

BONUS GIFT #1 Pre-Event Gatherings

What if you had 20 new Course friends before you even arrived in Los Angeles? We would like to help make that happen and so we're offering a Zoom call and private Facebook group for our conference registrants. Need a roommate or want a sightseeing buddy? Our hope is that you'll make connections that not only enhance your conference experience, but last far beyond it as well. 

BONUS GIFT #2 Group Dinner 

After connecting online, it's time to gather in person! On Thursday, May 21st, you're invited to join Robert and Emily at a restaurant close to the conference hotel for an informal dinner. While you will be responsible for purchasing your own food and beverages, we will coordinate the details so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. PS: The photo above is from our group dinner at the last CMC conference in Boston.

BONUS GIFT #3 3-Month Membership

Course Companions is our online learning community that walks you through all three volumes of the Course. As part of our conference bonus package, you're invited to join us for three months of Course Companions at no charge. This bonus is transferable so if you're already in the program, you're welcome to gift your trial to someone else. For more on Course Companions, click here

BONUS GIFT #4 Workshop Discount  

Los Angeles is just the beginning of our time together. When you register for the CMC conference through the Circle, you'll receive a free Livestream ticket (valued at $49) or $50 off an inperson ticket to our workshop and retreat in Sedona next fall. While we are still coordinating the date for this event, we're planning a Friday - Sunday workshop with an optional retreat Monday - Wednesday. 

Ready to join us in Los Angeles? <

Register below and we'll see you in California next May.