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You’ve heard about A Course in Miracles, been intrigued by it, perhaps even bought it, but you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’ve even been in this state of limbo with the Course for years. We understand. This is why we created Getting to Know A Course in Miracles, our free 14-day guided journey that offers everything you need to know as someone exploring this path.  

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Beginning December 6th, every morning for two weeks you will receive a short email introducing you to the history, the main teachings, and the practice of the Course. In just a couple minutes per day, you’ll have a greater understanding of how the Course came, what it says, what it doesn't say, and how to get started as a student.

Here's what you'll learn...

December 6th

Welcome to Getting to Know A Course in Miracles

In our opening message you will be given a brief overview of your 14-day journey through the spiritual path of A Course in Miracles. Circle of Atonement executive director Emily Bennington will answer common questions such as What is A Course in Miracles? and Which version of the Course should you choose?


December 7th

"There Must Be Another Way"

In this message Circle of Atonement founder Robert Perry will be walking you through the remarkable story of how Course scribes Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford came together, as well as what happened after Helen famously heard a voice that said, “This is A Course in Miracles. Please take notes.”

December 8th
DAY 3  

Who Authored A Course in Miracles?

Once we learn that A Course in Miracles was authored through Helen Schucman by an inner voice, the natural question is whose voice was it? The author clearly speaks about himself as Jesus and, in the pages of A Course in Miracles, we have an opportunity to find the Jesus we have always been drawn to and the message he has always sought to impart to us.

December 9th
Day 4

A New Kind of Day, A New Kind of Life

As the early chapters of A Course in Miracles came through, in addition to general spiritual teaching, Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford were also receiving personal guidance. Both were leading them into a new kind of day that was meant to become a new way of life. On Day 4 we will talk about three steps in this new way of life that Jesus taught Helen and Bill, the life that is at the heart of the path of the Course.

December 10th
Day 5

How Did We Get Here?

Now that we've emerged from the first section of this series - the Course's history - we're ready getting into what the Course teaches. On Day 5 we start at the logical place: Where did it all begin? How did the world get started and what does the Course say about how we ourselves came into existence?


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December 11th
DAY 6  

What Is the Cause of Unhappiness?

Why do we suffer? Why do we experience unhappiness? If we knew the answer to this, we could solve the core problem of our lives. In this message, we will explore a 4-step cycle that, according to the Course, leads directly to our unhappiness.

December 12th
Day 7

What Is the Way Out?

The previous message may sound depressing, but it’s actually good news. For if there is a problem, then there is a solution. The Course teaches that the way out of our suffering comes to us in very specific ways and in this message we'll explore the top four.

December 13th
Day 8  

What the Course Doesn't Say

While we are getting clear on what A Course in Miracle says, it’s also helpful to be clear on what it doesn’t say. Because of popular currents in contemporary spirituality, people tend to see the Course as being about our private search for inner peace. Yet if we read the book itself with fresh eyes, we find a far richer and more varied teaching.

December 14th
Day 9

Reading the Text of A Course in Miracles

The Text is the first volume of A Course in Miracles and also the longest, containing nearly two thirds of the Course’s total word count. The Text is a masterpiece of spiritual thought. It lays bare our current beliefs and shows us how they hurt us. It then teaches us a new way of thinking that in many ways is the reverse of everything we have believed, yet that is both compelling and practical. In this message you will be given advice on best practices for reading the Text of A Course in Miracles.

December 15th
Day 10

Practicing the Workbook of A Course in Miracles

The Workbook for Students is the second volume of A Course in Miracles. It consists of 365 daily lessons in which we take the ideas presented in the Text and practice them, applying them to ourselves and to the persons, events, and situations in our lives. Whereas the Text is about the ideas, the Workbook is all about the practice. In this message you will learn what it means to truly apply Course teaching to your every day.


What you need to know.

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December 16th
DAY 11  

What Is the Manual for Teachers?

The Manual for Teachers is the Course’s third and final volume. It is also the most misunderstood. After all, the common idea that this is a “self-study course” would dictate that there can’t be any teachers, let alone a manual for teachers. Yet this third volume is exactly what its title says it is. In this message we will be sharing what you need to know to get the most out of the Manual for Teachers.

December 17th
Day 12

Our Approach to the Course

In this message we share our approach to the Course, which is the cornerstone of everything we do here at the Circle of Atonement. This understanding flows directly from our approach to reading the Course, which is very simple: We to try to discern, as honestly as we can, what the author was really trying to convey. 

December 18th
Day 13  

Our Vision for the Course

We envision A Course in Miracles being the basis for an ongoing spiritual tradition. This tradition would take the form of a global community of countless students, teachers, and healers, as well as study groups, centers, and local networks. In this message we will share our vision for how the Course can become the "helper of the world" it's meant to be - and how you can take part.

December 19th
Day 14

What's Next?

A Course in Miracles is truly a spiritual path of immeasurable value. How could we begin to comprehend the healing in our world that would result from a global tradition of students who practice unconditional love? If you're ready to be part of building this tradition, today's message will share how you can join us as a member of Course Companions, the Circle's global community of students and teachers who are walking the path of A Course in Miracles together.

You did it! Let's celebrate.

To mark the completion of our journey together, you're invited to a 1-hour online "wrap party" where you can celebrate with others who have gone through the program with you. Robert and Emily will be answering your top Course questions, we will meditate together, and you'll also receive a bonus package of gifts as our thank you for participating. For those who would like to continue to study and practice with us in the new year, Robert and Emily will also be sharing more about our Course Companions community at the end. This event is only open to those who have registered for Getting to Know A Course in Miracles. Register for free here.


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Getting to Know A Course in Miracles is an easy way to begin your Course study and practice from teachers with more than 50 years of combined experience.

About Your Hosts

Robert Perry


Robert Perry, editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles, is one of the Course’s most respected teachers. He began teaching the Course in 1986 and has shared its insights with students around the world. Robert’s work grows out of his dedication to the Course as his own path and his desire to assist others in their own spiritual development.

Robert is the founder of the Circle of Atonement and the author or coauthor of more than 20 books and booklets, as well as hundreds of articles, based on the teachings of the Course.

Emily Bennington

Executive Director

Emily Bennington is executive director of the Circle of Atonement where she leads initiatives – including the Course Companions global online learning community – that bridge the Course’s unparalleled wisdom with practical application. 

Prior to joining the Circle, Emily led training programs on spiritual intelligence and mindful leadership for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Emily is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence (Sounds True), which features a foreword by Marianne Williamson.

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